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Our site offer  Prin table Gypsy Tar ot  with instruction bookle in  Pdf e-book publication . Gypsy Tarot Card is the most popular tool for fortune telling. Each tarot card tell a different story, therefore it is important to be sensitive reading and understanding the symbolism hidden within the images of the cards. Tarot cards have been used as a tool to consult one's subconscious, creating a meditative state which in return release and falling away of dysfunctional mental and emotional patterns such as anger, fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, self limitations, etc. and allow you to tap into the universe and into the future. It's widely believed that you cannot buy tarot cards for yourself, it has to be a gift. That is not true. Gypsies' for example always draw their own cards, it was not a gift but their own art work. When you purchase a printable tarot card, in a way you follow the Gypsy tradition as you are creating your own cards and at the same time you get familiar with the images which is an important part of telling fortune.




















The Pdf Gypsy Cards were designed to make an accurate fortune telling tool. These cards should be printed on premium paper, with a smooth matte finish, so they feel as good as they look.

This PDF Agni Cards comprises of 56 cards, placed in pdf e-book for easy printing. The Fire of the Sun Cards are based on ancient Phoenician theme, but the images are portraying Greek mythological characters, as these avatars originated form the Phoenicians. The cards are beautifully illustrated, taking you back to ancient times. 

The Fire of the Sun Gypsy Cards first published by tarotpdf.com in 2011, and  although the images are ancient it still relates to the current times and the social concerns. When you study the cards deeper, than the image simplicity suggested, at first sight, starting to reveal its complex secrets, a deep understanding about human nature, the psyche, helping you to understand yourself. Tarot cards or Gypsy cards often advertised as images to predict the future, but that is not so. You are able to use Gypsy Card and Tarot to take a journey into the universe, the universe within you.

Ancient Gypsy Card Reading.


Tarot is called Taras in Sanskrit; i.e. voyage, here it is referring to life as a voyage, and how to continue on your journey in life. The other word is Tara, which is translating to asterism, passage, knowledge, communication between man and the universe, the Veda (i.e. Truth, Science), the sacred text and science. Although most of this knowledge is lost, some are hidden, only fragments left for us to learn from since the Romani people (Gypsies) were enslaved in ancient Greece around ten-fifteen thousand years ago.

Tarot Journey into the Universe.

Tarot explores creation, the universe and how it plays out in human life. This is where the saying originated from ‘as above so is bellow’. For instance, the definition of the Visitor card is referring to the Sun. With the ancient method, the Phoenician system, or as you know the Phoenicians today, the Romani or Gypsy praxis reading the cards. Why the language is so important? Because each letter of Sanskrit carries colour, height, width, depth, breadth, number, weight, chemistry and geometrics. Now, that we've cleared the complexity of the language, we are able to start to understand the images of Gypsy card and Tarot. Whilst the elements are hieroglyphics writings of the Phoenicians, portrayed on each Gypsy Card and Tarot. Reaad more >>