How do you Read Lenormand Card


18/08/2019 10:29
What is the connection between the Lily and the Labyrinth?   To find out the origin of this ancient myth is only possible with Sanskrit language. Without Sanskrit this mythology would remain a secret or a guessing game. The meaning of the Labyrinth is a representation of X Lavarna, (labyrinth) which means sacrifice. In Sanskrit Sacrifice can have positive and negative meaning.   The X derived from Sanskrit hieroglyphic writing, and the  X = T (tau), means lavarNa, i.e. labyrinth. The original meaning of the X is a representation of the Sun, it is an ancient symbol of Yah-Sus (The Voice of the Creator, i.e. the Universe), which word become Jesus and commonly appears in connection with the X, which become the Cross.    Why the X representing sacrifice? Is it because Jesus was crucified?    No. Jesus didn’t exist as a man, but it is the Sun. However, since we come from the sun we all have Jesus or Sun particles, hence Jesus is...